Handmade wooden, laser cut stud elephant earrings

Handmade wooden, laser cut stud elephant earrings

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Adorable wooden mama and baby elephant earrings, handmade and laser cut by Bliss Made This.

About Bliss Made This

Stephanie Emerick is the owner and founder of Bliss Made This. "I am a maker. Seems like such a simple declaration but, despite over 30 years of creating, it's taken me a long time to figure out. I have always loved to build things, take things apart, improve upon them, and make something new. I wake up with my next project in mind. I lose sleep because I get lost in a build and have no sense of the time. And I can't look at anything in a craft store or hobby shop without a thousand ideas running through my head."

"At some point someone convinced me that all this meant I was destined to be an engineer. So I did the schooling and got the job. After several years sitting in front of a computer designing endless iterations of the same thing, I finally admitted that just wasn't me. I wanted to make something NEW. And pretty... don't forget pretty."

"Also around that time my family was growing and I knew I needed to be there for my kids more than a corporate job would allow. So I packed up, headed home, and was a mom for a while. But I never stopped making."

"My kids are a little older now, and they understand Mom needs more than just household CEO duties to be happy. Bliss Made This is truly a group effort. Sure I make the stuff, but the support and help of my kids and husband are what make it all possible. And I don't know what better example I can set for them than to show that it is possible to follow your bliss... whatever that may be."

- Stephanie

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